Be Your Own Builder
With the Equity Homes “Owner-Involved Home Building Program” you can build the home of your dreams and for less then you would pay elsewhere.

Equity Homes are custom homes; you can build one of our plans, your own plan, or re-design one of ours to better suit you family’s needs and lifestyle.

Owner participation in planning and building your new home is the key to success in our program. You can have us build the home; build it yourself, or anything in between. You decide your level of participation. Then we save you time and money by providing all of the architectural design, engineering, budgeting, blueprints, production schedule, and all of the materials together in the form of our Equity Homes Material Package.

An essential part of the Equity Homes Material Package is panelized building. Panelized building has been described as, “a natural extension of site-framing.” Fast construction, material management and precise framing are all advantages of panelized building. Pre-engineered wall panels and roof trusses are built on factory floors and then transported to your building site for construction. Materials for your home–the lumber, decking, and sheathing are stored and installed dry which also results in less waste. In a factory setting scrapes from one house become the blocking and bracing for the next. All homes are produced in compliance with national and local building codes and with this type of building any style of home can be built.

Finally, we couple state-of-the-art technology together with flexible financing options. These include land/home packages, low or no money down
construction loans, and affordable construction loans for people with less than perfect credit.

                                                Quality and versatility best describe how and why our program works.

For more information about Becoming Your Own Builder

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