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Everything - Equity Homes and Equity Commercial is the premier Owner-assisted builder of residential and light-commercial projects.  We have been in business for fifteen years and now build in over twelve states.  Our company has helped hundreds of customers overcome the intimidating hurdles inherent in the building industry, while building equity for themselves, their families or their business.  We accomplish this with a unique partnership approach to building that’s becoming the building method of choice. 

Our Construction Managers help our customers act as their own General Contractor, typically saving 10% to 30%.  With the equity that they create during the building process, our residential customers can usually qualify for one of our construction loans with little or no money down.

             Construction Loans                                               

We have both internal and external financing sources.  The equity we create means that if a customer has decent credit and can demonstrate an ability to make the payment, we can get them a loan to pay off the land and build, usually with little or no money down. The approval process takes only two to three days.  And, we can also arrange for qualified customers to have no payments during construction.


We frequently develop our own custom digital and 3D plans from scratch but can also work with other stock plans or custom architectural plans.



We produce a complete budget breakdown for all of our customer’s projects and roll the numbers forward into a lender-approved draw request form.


We provide a bar-graph schedule for each project so the Owner knows what the status of the project should be at any time during the construction phase.  Additionally, if desired by the Owner, we can create and manage a critical path for any size project.


We provide a complete pre-designed and pre-engineered material package for each project including all of the materials right down to the nails and glue.


We connect our customers with subcontractors that we know from our experience provide the best combination of price and quality.  Yet each customer can instead choose to hire relatives, friends and/or do some of the work themselves.

              Professional Guidance – Start to Finish        

The most intimidating part of building your own home or commercial building is the inevitable “What should I do next?” question.  Our Construction Managers are professionals at helping to smooth out the bumps, keeping the project on schedule and on budget.

The Owner’s involvement in the building process is what makes us different.  Equity Homes and Equity Commercial are truly different, which is why you should talk to us before making a decision about the construction of your new home or commercial project.  We respectfully suggest that you get three bids – but be sure that one is ours!



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